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Marius Retegan, CEO, HELINICKMarius Retegan, CEO
The year 1989 holds remarkable importance to European history. Following the disambiguation of the USSR into many smaller nations, winds of profound change were observed in Europe that unlocked new opportunities in terms of economy and business. Among the several emerging industries, one segment that caught everyone’s attention was enterprises that focused on delivering safety and security systems services. A novel concept, the idea of enterprises building security products and solutions, was unclear at the time.

Against this backdrop, HELINICK overcame the unknown and firmly established itself as a specialist in electronic security services in the Romanian market in 1991. Nearly 30 years later, they continue to offer a wide range of safety and security services, ranging from a fire alarm to extinguishing systems to public announcements and access control systems to CCTV, communication infrastructures, and intrusion systems.

The evolution of HELINICK reflects in the manner in which it transformed its business strategy. “In 1995, we had a chance to read the Lehman Brother Market Security Report that indicated, for the next 20 years, the security industry will use access control systems as the main core for integration, and this changed our business approach,” mentions Marius Retegan, CEO at HELINICK.

Born as an installation company for security products almost three decades ago, HELINICK gradually gained experience with each project over the years and evolved from developing simple fire detection equipment to delivering integrated solutions for safety and security-related electronic systems.

HELINICK today provides top-quality, tailor-made solutions and services to serve its clients using the “open platform concept” across different verticals such as IT&C, banking, industrial, and government. Understanding the client’s requirements, HELINICK analyses the company architecture and carefully suggests the appropriate solution. HELINICK even undergoes numerous certifications and learning programs from the leading access control providers of the world, and runs test sessions of its demo products to finalise the standard products. Constantly upgrading its offerings by adopting the latest cloud-based technologies, IP-based systems, and virtualisation systems, HELINICK pushes its existing and new customers to revamp their operations and integrate the emerging premium technologies into their existing systems.

Committed to becoming a trusted ally in the field of security systems, HELINICK structures work processes into three important steps: identification of the solution, execution, and maintenance services. Using the most advanced technologies, HELINICK offers top-quality solutions and services for electronic security and integrated systems that cater to different verticals. Its cost-effective electronic security solution includes intrusion detection systems, access control systems, entrance systems, time and attendance systems, ticketing and parking systems, EAS, and perimeter detection systems.

It covers prevention, detection, alarm, and post-event analysis and collaborates with contractors and beneficiaries of such solutions in all phases of project execution.

Built in 2003, HELINICK’s high-quality service and maintenance platform provides support to clients at every stage of professional relationships. With the aid of its Service and Maintenance department, HELINICK generates a prompt response to customer queries and even ensures territorial coverage in all major cities of the country through work points and local representatives. Its brilliant service and maintenance department offers a wide range of related S&M activities, such as T-call centre, HelpDesk, ticketing, and fleet monitoring. It even reduces the response time, intervention, and remediation, and optimises customer satisfaction.

Safety and security solutions assure customers that risk is under control. They can focus on their business as the security services are provided by a trusted company

Being one of the first companies in the Romanian market to promote integrated systems, HELINICK has successfully integrated several complex platforms into existing workflows to cover all the functions and facilities required by medium and high-security applications. With over 100,000 detectors, 900 extinguishing systems, and 200 aspiration detection systems installed, HELINICK’s expert solutions identify and minimise risk, and automatically generate corrective measures to ensure safety. With its state-of-art audio and video intercom systems, HELINICK paves the way for the simplest form of communication between people at different security levels and determines the interaction points between operators and users of a system.

As one of the trusted partners for clients over the years, HELINICK proves its commitment by serving top-clients such as Orange and Ericsson for the past 25 years. Its collaboration with France-based Orange telecommunications dates back to 1998 when HELINICK built an integrated security system based on access control that controlled 22 locations across Romania. In another case, HELINICK successfully built the largest multi-site integrated security system named Unified Badging System (UBS) for one of Romania’s largest oil and gas companies.

With decades of continued excellence in the Romanian market and recently in EMEA region, HELINICK values its journey so far and remembers the clients who helped it in the early 90s to reach the heights that they enjoy presently. The CEO and the team wish to thank the representatives of those firms, which include Mark Ritterling from HID, Lars Pederson and Piotr Multanski from UTC/Lenel, Rob Osterling from Honeywell, and Barnette Mathew from Mercury. Furthermore, HELINICK aims to span across Romania and its neighbouring countries. “We still dream of being independent, from a vendor point of view, want to consolidate our presence in the local market, and operate under the same name and fiscal code with our proficient software integration department and the strong pre-sales team,” concludes Retegan.
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Bucharest, Romania

Marius Retegan, CEO

HELINICK is a leading system and security systems integrator and provides premium quality tailor-made solutions and services to its clients using the open-platform concept. Its cost-effective electronic security solution caters to different verticals such as IT&C, banking, industrial, and government. HELINICK has successfully integrated several complex platforms into existing workflows to cover all the functions and facilities required by medium and high-security applications. Through its integrated platforms and specialized technical support services, HELINICK offers professional service packages for the installation and maintenance of its solutions. With its plethora of upgraded services, HELINICK is adding dimensions to the electronic security sphere